Board Clarification - Vessels Tied Outside of Slip


The covenants for OCPOA allows a vessel inside the footprint of each slip with an addition of a tender which must also be inside the footprint of the slip. Vessels secured to the outside of the walkway pier are not allowed, these vessels are in violation of OCPOA covenants. The walkway is owned by the association, not by each individual slip owner, the walkway is common property.

Vessels may be tied up temporarily; the Board is clarifying this as less than 24 hours.

As we enter the active boating season, owners need to respect each other and not crowd the piers or put additional pressure on the amenities of common property. Owners need to make sure their renters are aware of this clarification.

Violators will be notified for the first offense, a warning sent for the second offense and the third offense will be fined.

OCPOA Board of Directors,

Dianne McElroy

Roy McMillian

David Shivers

Pam Jeffries