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Orinoco Cove Property Owners Association

Orinoco Cove is located at the end of Walker Ave in Orange Beach, Alabama.
The marina is known as "Mess About Marina."

Most content on this site is restricted to property owners. 

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Board Clarification - Vessels Tied Outside of Slip



The covenants for OCPOA allows a vessel inside the footprint of each slip with an addition of a tender which must also be inside the footprint of the slip. Vessels secured to the outside of the walkway pier are not allowed, these vessels are in violation of OCPOA covenants. The walkway is owned by the association, not by each individual slip owner, the walkway is common property.

Vessels may be tied up temporarily; the Board is clarifying this as less than 24 hours.

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Important Information from Mediacom


Mediacom is upgrading to digital TV service and you must have a Mediacom Digital Box, a digital adapter, or digital ready TV by April or you will loose TV service.

You may have received this notice direct from Mediacom but the Board wanted to publish this article on the website as well.

Please see the attached file for full details if you did not get the flyer direct.

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United States Flag Rules & Regulations


No disrespect should be shown to the flag of the United States of America. Section 8

The flag represents a living country and is itself considered a living thing. Section 8j

Frequently Asked Questions - Flag FAQ

Read the full Flag Code

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